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As we get older, we can’t hit the topspin that we used to.  The acceleration is not there because it’s been compromised.  That’s why I said to Richard, we need to do something for the tennis player.  Your Yoga softens the tissues, lubricates the joints, and stretches the muscles.  That’s exactly what they need!

Stefan Laporte, USPTA
Director of Tennis:
Hillsboro Club in South Florida
And Maidstone Club,
East Hampton, NY
Former Dutch Davis Cup
Squad Member for Holland

Hillsboro ClubUSPTA

Richard’s Comment on Stefan:
A sustainable tennis game is greatly enhanced with a thoughtful yoga practice. First and foremost take care of your joints. Next, reset the length of your muscles to compensate for repetitious play and hours of off-court slouching in the office, home, and car. Last, all aspects of the nervous system need regular stimulation to better manage body orientation, equilibrium, tension, and visceral feedback.


I played all weekend in a tournament.  Most of the players were 15 to 20 years younger than me.  But because of Richard’s Yoga, I have much greater flexibility in my hips, shoulders and back which made my tennis strokes easier and more technically correct.

Jim Musil
Super Senior 4.5 NTRP

Richard’s Comments on Jim:
Slow! Deliberate!  Conscious!  These are the instructions I gave to Jim.  He took this advice like a duck takes to water.  Now he is healing his body even as he continues to improve on the court.  Jim has discovered the magic of “soft strength.”



Richard’s Yoga is very different from a lot of the instructors I’ve worked with.  He has a way of introducing movement and introducing relaxation that has allowed me to really trust him from the beginning to the end of a class.  And he does that in a very systematic, wonderful way that allows you to warm up all parts of your body to get you ready to play your best game.

Bob Werth, Counselor and Mediator
Sun Valley, ID

Richard’s Comment on Bob:
Slow, relaxed movement with full awareness – this is a recipe for preparing the body for any new endeavor and restoring the body from the previous one.

Richard’s Yoga has changed my body in that I have much better mobility.  I think that my range is different, I think I can move quickly, and I haven’t had any injures in over 2 years.

Chelle Gourlay
Tennis Player
Sun Valley, ID

Richard’s Comment on Chelle:
Yoga allows you to replicate certain aspects of each tennis stroke in detail, minus the speed, the risk, and the pressure of competition.

I’m an avid tennis player, hiker and skier, and I feel the sports that I do are very compacting to your muscles and tighten your hamstrings.  Richard’s style of yoga elongates my muscles, and it prevents injuries.  It’s a yoga program that anyone could enter, anytime, any place in your life, at any age and have a marked improvement.

Alma Mills
4.5 USTA Ranked
Sun Valley, ID

Richard’s Comment on Alma:
Just listen to the sound your tennis shoes make on the court! Stop and go! Pivot and slide! Think about how long that goes on in a match. Now multiply that by years! Of course you need a practice that compensates and rejuvenates the compression and tightening that goes with that. And new tennis shoes!

I’ve actually gotten friends to try Richard’s Yoga who would never have considered yoga 20 years ago, when all they did was a heavy workout in the gym.  But now that they’ve gotten a little older and had some injuries, they try it and cannot believe how great they feel, how easy it was, how relaxed they were, and how much they want to go back!

Wendy Werth
Longtime student of Richard’s
Sun Valley, ID

Richard’s Comment on Wendy:
How about that? Exercise that is good for you, feels good to do, and leaves you feeling good enough to do something else when it is over! Tennis anyone?


For athletes who strive for ultimate total body performance, Richard’s techniques are essential and go hand and glove with the goals of any aspiring tennis player.

King Lambert
Wimbledon Competitor
Longtime Student of Richard’s


Richard’s Comment on King:
With yoga, you can cross-reference so many aspects of the body and the mind at once. This leads to a body of intelligence to keep you in the game. King is always searching for a new pearl to sustain his own. Yoga is your own private laboratory!

Dara Torres and George Ladies clinic Lima, Peru Country Club Villa by Coach George 

“I had the opportunity to meet and attend Richard’s yoga practice over 20 years ago.  It was a life changing experience for me.   My life is sports, coaching tennis and adventuring.  I love life, and healthy living is crucial to continue doing the activities I love to do. Richard’s practice has done miracles for me and provided me with the mind, body, soul and longevity that have been a huge factor to my incredible quality of life.  I highly recommend Richard’s yoga practice to anybody.”

George Maurtua
United States Professional Tennis Association
Nationally Certified Pro 1
Athletic Mental Coach – Human Performance Institute
Zenergy Peak Performance Head Coach
Junior Tennis Development Specialist

Richard’s Comment on George:
George is a Magic Man who fully understands the wisdom of balance. He fully integrates hard with soft, and slow with fast!