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Richard Odom is the best! I say this with the confidence of 40 years of practicing yoga, 20 of them in Richard’s Yoga classes. His knowledge of yoga and its implications for the lives of his students is deep, and his care for the practice and well being of his students is both inspiring and instructive. Anyone who studies and practices yoga with Richard will lead a richer and more conscious life. As mentioned, Richard Odom is the best!

Dick Dorworth, Author
Sun Valley, ID

Richard’s Comment on Dick:

Dick is one of those rare students who really “gets it.” He has a gentle, focused practice that allows him to gracefully make the transformation from one sport to another, season after season, effortlessly.

As a ski school instructor for years with Sun Valley Ski School, I found attending Richard’s Yoga classes allowed me to remain more flexible, helped me retain my balance, and made my legs and body stronger for skiing. As I age, I want to ski more and ski longer, and I firmly believe that Richard’s classes are what have allowed me to do just that.

Whitney Ellison
Real Estate Agent
Former Ski Instructor
Sun Valley, ID

Richard’s Comment on Whitney:

I watched Whitney recover from a much needed back surgery from years of “skiing the bumps.” Yoga allowed her to take baby steps and restore her body to the premier athlete and the positive nature that is her signature. What a success story!



I went to college on a track scholarship and became a Navy SEAL. Now I’m 67 and feeling all those miles and all that punishment. Richard Odom keeps me flexible, in the mountains of Idaho, skiing and hiking the backcountry. Thank you, Richard!

Dick Couch
Former US Navy SEAL & Author

Richard’s Comment on Dick:

With all the popular Navy Seal Workouts on the market, Dick, ever true to his trade, focuses on real-time intelligence, applying it to his body as it is today and what he most likes to do now. It is a pleasure to work with someone so focused…and on point.