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A Q &A with Richard Odom- Sun Valley’s very own guru

February 18, 2013 by Icetalent Inc

Yoga Stretches Beyond the Studio
Ketchum’s Yoga guru Richard Odom to release his first DVD  (Dec 2010)

Here and Now with Richard Odom
Valley People  (June 2010)


A Conversation with Mariel Hemingway
Sun Valley Guide
summer 2008

Through it all, yoga sustained her. “I first practiced yoga up here (in Sun Valley) with Richard Odom. Yoga had started to change me. It was enabling me to look at myself and slow down. I didn’t want to go crazy like my sisters or shoot myself. I didn’t want to become like my family. When Margaux died [of suicide in 1996], I thought ‘Oh shit, I have to carry the torch.’”

The Concierge Questionnaire
Jamie Lee Curtis: Sun Valley, Idaho
January 7,2011