Ice Skating

Anita Hartshorn- World Professional Ice Skating

Anita Hartshorn- World Professional Ice Skating

“Hello fellow yoga crickets.  I am known as ‘the oldest performing professional Adagio Ice Skater in the world.’   REALLY!   (56 years young and still going!)   Part of my ability to still do these athletic tricks on the ice is my weekly yoga sessions with Richard Odom.  I call Richard The Master, and I am the cricket.  Each time I do his class I learn something, even if it is the same class that I have done 50 times, I find something new in the exercise for my mind and body!  Wherever I am in the world, I take Richard’s yoga sessions with me so that I can center myself, release stress, and just plain relax into my natural stretch positions.  Richard has gone with me via cassette tape, CD or DVD for the last 11 years to Korea, Guam, Bali, Thailand, Germany, Italy, Israel, and South Carolina…all far way places from Sun Valley, Idaho.  Namaste!”


Anita Hartshorn
World Professional Ice Skating
Pair Champion
Jaca Spain 1990


Anita & Frank’s website -  Anita & Frank’s website

Richard’s Comment on Anita:

How does Anita repeat her pistol performances on ice, throughout the world, year after year? Either she gets a new job on dry land, or she finds something that helps to soften and heal a traumatized body. Read her comment. Go see one of her shows. Looks like Anita did find that something!