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Richard’s Yoga has improved my golf swing.  And best of all, it allows me to play every day!

Don Burgess
Academy Award Nominee
for Forrest Gump


Richard’s Comment on Don:

Golf is a game of hip and shoulder rotation that transfers power from the ground to the club.  Don is practicing these rotations with yoga postures…slowly, deliberately, consciously.  The result is fluidity in his golf swing.  It also allows him to release tension from his lower back…anytime he wants.


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I recommend that all of my students participate in Richard’s Yoga in order to develop a body that is strong and a mind that is at peace.

Tim Mahoney,
Director of Education, Troon Golf
Top 50 Golf Instructors
Golf Digest/Golf Magazine

His website:


Richard’s Comment on Tim:

The restraints of modern life cause the body to contract…especially in the neck, shoulders, lower back and hips.  By returning to the ground, literally, you can anchor the mind into the stability and comfort of the body, which creates focus.