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“Bellydancing has been my hobby for thirty years, and I need to be able to shimmy my hips and keep my veils moving far from my body.  I first went to Richard’s class to recover after I broke my pelvis.  I started classes two months into my healing and was hiking four months after the break.  Six months later, I could shimmy again!  Five years passed, and I returned to Ketchum to take Richard’s classes again…this time for a frozen shoulder.  Besides being very painful, I had lost over 80% of the range of my left arm.  I started increasing my range within weeks, and I was at 100% normal within six months and dancing with veils again!  I now take his classes twice a week for maintenance of my spine and neck, and when my job permits, I go more often.  Of the 20 or so yoga teachers I have had, none offer the regenerative and restorative effects of Richard’s classes.”

Donna Pritchard
Sun Valley, ID