Richards Sun Valley classes are held at the Wood River YMCA YMCA Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday Friday Saturday
7:00-8:00am 7:00-8:00am
7:00-8:00am 7:00-8:00am
7:00-8:00am 9:00-10:00am
4:00-5:00pm 4:00-5:00pm 4:00-5:00pm 4:00-5:00pm 4:00-5:00pm
5:30-6:30pm 5:30-6:30pm

*Richard’s yoga is an all-levels strengthening, lengthening, and mind clearing class.

Private & Group Classes

Private and group classes are  available at the YMCA, or in the privacy of your home or other location.

Ask about workshops and events held in your area and around the world.

Contact Star Hamilton for details.  or  206.660.8096



“I feel safe with Richard Odom, as he is always aware of what he has learned about my physical strengths and weaknesses.  He is quite unique among trainers, as he strengthens and keeps me flexible while relating the specific benefits of each exercise as we do them.  And all in a soothing and comforting voice that helps release the tensions I may feel.  Richard has been a gift to my health for over 25 years.”

Joan Katz
Hollywood, CA


“As one of Richard’s more senior students, I believe that his yoga classes have helped keep my joints flexible, greatly increased my ability to balance, and given me much better posture.  I leave each class energized, refreshed and with a wonderful sense of physical and mental well-being.  To me, Richard is truly one of our valley’s special treasures.”

Martha Jennings
Sun Valley, ID