“I had the opportunity to meet and attend Richard’s yoga practice over 20 years ago.  It was a life changing experience for me.   My life is sports, coaching tennis and adventuring.  I love life, and healthy living is crucial to continue doing the activities I love to do. Richard’s practice has done miracles for me and provided me with the mind, body, soul and longevity that have been a huge factor to my incredible quality of life.  I highly recommend Richard’s yoga practice to anybody.”

George Maurtua
United States Professional Tennis Association
Nationally Certified Pro 1
Athletic Mental Coach – Human Performance Institute
Zenergy Peak Performance Head Coach
Junior Tennis Development Specialist


Richard has the
curiosity of a scientist

The sense of
humor of a stand-up comic

The storytelling ability
of a true southerner


“Modern yoga classes are hard, hot and aggressive. Richard’s classes are a relief from that model, offering a gentle blend of Eastern techniques along with his innate ability to guide you flawlessly through the series. I am a better person after I leave his class. I feel clear and free of the problems of my day, and more capable of facing the rest of it with a renewed spirit and clarity.”

Jamie Lee Curtis

Tim MahoneyGolf_Digest_Cover_3_Feb_01“I have been a part of the international golf coaching industry for over 30 years and have never met a more passionate individual about his trade than Richard Odom.  Richard utilizes movements within his sessions that will assist the client in obtaining his or her physical or mental objectives.  No gimmicks, just movements tested within his practice.  I recommend that all of my students participate in Richard’s sessions in an attempt to develop a body that is strong and a mind that is at peace.”

Tim Mahoney
Director of Education, Troon Golf
Top 50 Golf Instructor, Golf Digest/Golf Magazine

sis_y4bt“My respect, admiration and enthusiasm for Richard’s expertise are boundless.  His knowledge of so many disciplines…weight training, martial arts, ballet, every kind of sport and body work, as well as different styles of yoga, gives his teaching so much more depth than any other teacher or trainer I have come across anywhere.  Apart from that, he has a wonderful sense of humanity and an ability to handle all kinds of people, very young, very old, athletes, celebrities, the painfully shy and the injured, with great sensitivity.”

Kate Wright
Author, Life Coach
San Francisco, CA

“When it comes to Richard, normal labels don’t apply.  Richard is an out-of-the-box teacher who has developed an innovative approach to yoga, distilling and synthesizing many old world yogic traditions and then adding his own spin to it.  His unique style promotes optimal joint and muscle flexibility and general good health, with an extremely low potential for injury.  All this adds up to increased vitality and greater competitive longevity.  Richard has a relaxed, clear and often humorous teaching style that lets even a beginner feel like a full participant in his classes.  They are appropriate for students of all levels.  HAVE FUN!”

Jane Hocking
Sun Valley, ID
Long-time student of Richard’s



When it comes to Richard,

normal labels don’t apply

“When I come into your class, it’s as if you are talking directly to ME!  How the hell did you know that is just what I needed to hear?”

Bill Schlitter
Financial Advisor
Sun Valley, ID

“Richard Odom is a great yoga instructor. (Read: “The Best Ever”)  Also, he is a truly wonderful human being. (Read: “Spectacular”)  He is articulate to a fault. (Read: “Eloquent”)  And man, is he funny! (Read: “Hysterical”)  Without Richard’s Yoga, I am an achy old man.  With Richard’s Yoga, I am just an old man… a happy old man.”

Bobby Lieder
Long-time student of Richard’s
San Francisco, CA

The Best Ever




sun_valley_ridge“My reason for starting Richard’s Yoga was primarily for stretching after skiing.  I continue to use it now for stretching after year-round activities, including hiking and golf.  The added relaxation benefit is almost as good as a cocktail!”

Tift Mann III,  M.D., F.A.C.E.
Raleigh, NC

“Exercising with Richard is a multi-dimensional experience.  He traverses from a mix of flexibility training to weight training that uses our body’s own design….All this while this charismatic trainer describes what each exercise is doing for us, and how each exercise in which he is leading us improves our lifelong patter of body movement.  As is often said about him, he teaches us that proper and effective exercise gets us out of the way of our body’s own natural potential.  While we exercise, his words are presented in a soothing voice.  I have never felt better!  Richard epitomizes all that an exercise leader should be.”

Russ Levi
City of Beverly Hills

FA-18-Hornet“As a former Marine Corps fighter pilot, I’ve always considered myself a visual learner and someone who constantly seeks improvement.  I don’t know why it took me so long to find Richard Odom and his unique style of Yoga.  In the past 2 years, he has enabled me to “picture” my body in new ways.  Now I can see how the various body parts work together and how I can get peak performance throughout the day.  At first I was skeptical; now I am addicted!”

John French
Former US Marine Corp Aviator
Sun Valley, ID

“For twenty years I have had the good fortune to walk through work, sports, childbirth, illness and many of life’s myriad ups and downs while practicing yoga with Richard Odom.  His classes have provided my body and mind with a continuous sanctuary of balance.  Like any talented artist, Richard has honed his skills, continuing to innovate new ways to stretch and balance, and I am so grateful for his teaching.”

Pamela Sue Martin