Richard’s Story


Richard Michael Odom

has developed what might be called the ultimate form of cross training.

For decades, he has gathered, studied and assimilated information from both the East and West, and his presentation reflects a unique appreciation and understanding of how these different cultures complement one another.

Richard has engineered his own practice based on a design that targets achieving a total body balance of health and well-being.  His approach and techniques are augmented by what he has borrowed from other traditions.  And like all the best teachers, he can communicate what he has learned to all levels of students.  Richard has the talent of a performer to translate ideas into movement and to capture and hold an audience’s attention.  His hallmarks are clarity, patience and humor.

Richard studied ballet as a boy growing up in Florida.  In his teens he became a body builder and weight lifter.  In addition to various branches of yoga, he has studied Tai Chi and Aikido.  He has fenced.  He has boxed.  He has been a skier, runner, swimmer and body surfer.

Richard has taught his style of yoga in Sun Valley, Idaho for 40 years.  He has been dubbed the “Yogi of the Slopes” by Snow Country Magazine, a title synonymous with a reputation for helping athletes continue to do what they love to do.   But everyone, no matter what their level of fitness, no matter what sport they enjoy, will find his instruction a proper balance of physical challenge with thoughtful, sensitive and entertaining guidance.

Currently, Richard teaches classes daily at the YMCA in Ketchum, as well as private training sessions with individuals and small groups.  He is available for lectures and events upon request.

Everyone, no matter what their age or level of fitness, no matter what sport they enjoy, will find Richard’s Yoga a proper balance of physical challenge with thoughtful, sensitive and entertaining guidance.

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His DVDs will soon be available for purchase through this website, as well as and at many local retailers in the  Ketchum/Sun Valley area.

In His Own Words…




In a phrase, I take people into the eye of the hurricane;

In a sentence, I help people to keep doing the things they like to do for as long as they would like to do them;

In a paragraph, I take people off their feet and make them comfortable in their bodies.  I calm their minds and take them on a journey through their body from the womb to toddlerhood.  When they stand up, they experience a shift of consciousness from the outside to the inside.  Feeling reinvigorated and peaceful, they leave class with their body free of tension and feel like they could do anything or nothing equally well.

What makes my approach uniquely valuable?

The playing field has changed.  We live in a world that makes insane demands on our mind, our time, and our money.  In today’s fast-paced world, it’s as though our minds have ADD, “Attention Deficit Disorder,” and as a result, our bodies become fearful, guarded, and rigid.  What we need is focus, anchored in a body whose muscles are elastic and resilient, and a nervous system that gives real-time feedback on our body’s readiness.

We, as people, approach the notion of health and fitness as something that we focus on to become something else or become who we were.  My approach deals with acknowledging who we are now, and what we are in any given moment, and restoring the body and mind to a healthy well-balanced place and time.



Who are my classes for?

Anyone who wants to keep doing what they love to do for as long as they want.  Anyone who does not fit into the outdated, overprescribed fitness formula for a 19-year-old British soldier.  Anyone who must compete and survive in today’s fast-paced world and still wants to do what they enjoy most, for as long as they can.  ANYONE.

My technique is especially sensitive to the needs of people of Western Cultures who “burn the candle at both ends.”  I consider the resulting mental exhaustion and physical discomfort as the trademark of a person out of touch with his/her own body…just when they need it most.